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DsTool: Dynamical System Toolkit

DsTool is a toolkit for exploring dynamical systems. It is an efficient research tool that integrates a friendly graphical user interface, data management capabilities, a rich set of numerical algorithms together with the flexibility to add more algorithms and communicate data with other programs.

The latest version of DsTool has its user interface written in Tcl/Tk, such that it operates on several platforms; it also works under Linux. Moreover, it includes visualization in Geomview and the possibility to follow equilibria and detecting bifurcations of equilibria. There is also a nice animation feature, that is illustrated in the old DsTool homepage.

DsTool is available via http://www.cam.cornell.edu/~gucken/dstool from the Center for Applied Mathematics at Cornell University (cam.cornell.edu).

There have been many complaints lately about DsTool not compiling properly. If you have such problems, then it may be helpful to try the version that works for Redhat linux 8.0. Some "fixes" were done so that DsTool data can now be properly saved to a file without crashing. As a courtesy to the user, this version includes the GM1D package.

Contact person for DsTool is John Guckenheimer ( gucken@cam.cornell.edu)


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